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Day: January 24, 2014

Message from a Hostel – Plan A, B or C?

“While you are both having some more vino, I will go check on Al and James.” The Doc headed off leaving Nora and the Manager sipping and spitting the wine in the dining hall. When the Doc arrived back at his chambers there was a solider guarding his door. As he entered the room both Alistair and James Bond were playing cards and drinking some sort of old, smelly ale. “Well you too ijects certainly take the biscuit, jumping on the girls like that,” said Doc. “Feckin’ right Doc, you gave us the nod with that cockney spanner shit talk signal,” replied Alistair.  “James and I propelled ourselves into action on your command.” The Doc was laughing as he spoke. “Al my man, the Manger has not got the Higulator. Old Archie has it. I was trying to let ye both know to go to plan B.” “And what the feck was plan B,” asked Alistair. “Plan B my man was wait for my next signal,” laughed the Doc. “Well Doc, in MI5 Plan B usually has a plan attached to it,” added James. “But as I am with you two, I have now learned to chill out and go with the flow, as you say Doc. “So what is plan C, Doc?” “Plan C James my old charmer, is to go back to plan A and get our hands on the Higulator, which I have managed to do.  Archie is at this present moment bringing the Higulator to me in the dining room.  I have to take Archie on a bit of an old jaunt and when we land back in the atein’ house I will set the Higulator to be ready to take us directly into King Henry’s castle.  We will be bringing old Archie with us. Only old Archie won’t know that on the second jaunt I take him on we will all be hanging onto each other to go time travelling. Once in front of the King, Archie will be forced to introduce us and explain why we are there.  We can then put things in motion.  We can start getting ready to get out of here and back to our own time zones.” “Sounds like a plan Doc,” said Alistair.  “Just make sure we get the right feckin’ signal this time.” “I will make it easy for you Al, I will just shout out,  jump on you big Bollox,” laughed the Doc. “One thing Doc. How do we get past the guard outside to meet you in the dining hall,” asked James. “They call you James Bond, the man of many talents and charmer of the ladies, so you figure that out and make sure you bring Al with you,” said Doc as he left to return to the dining hall. To be continued….

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