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Month: August 2013

Message from a Hostel – Put on your Costumes

The Doc pressed the start button. The shed lit up and with a great BIG FLASH …they were off to 1533. “Hey Doc, we are moving slower that the older Higulator. Once you pressed the start button on the last time machine we would arrive immediately at our destination,” said Alistair. “I have made some slight modification this time Al. I got the Cockney Rebel to adjust the old thing-a-m-jiggery,” replied the Doc. “Does the Jam Jar fixer, know about your Higulator Doc?” asked Alistair. “The Cockney Rebel is top man Al, being in the business a long time and knows his stuff. He is the best spanner monkey in town,” said Doc. “This adjustment Al, will allow us to carry out some quick surveillance and navigate to where we want to land. It will help us stay out of sight and hide the Higulator and shed.” “Up there for thinking and down there for dancing Doc”, quoted Alistair. “Bond my man, how do you fancy a trip back to see one of the old kings, good old Henry VIII?” asked Doc. “Maybe you could give him some marriage guidance” laughed Doc. “I fancy meeting all the lovely ladies of his court. Maybe I could give him some tips on chatting them up,” replied James Bond. “Sure James, I bet you could tell him a thing or two about the ladies,” added Alistair. “Right, I can see a place to land,” said Doc. “We are on the kings estate close to the castle. “Put these costumes on. I did a little shopping at Calowna Costume. I thought we might need them so as not to look so suspicious.” “Doc these costumes look cool. James that Robin Hood outfits suits you,” laughed Alistair. “I don’t think anyone will be concerned about Robin Hood. He would be around 250 years old now.” “Doc, I see you have a Kings crown with your costume,” said Alistair. “Yes Al my man. if I going to meet a King, I’m going to be a feckin King. The high King of Navan and beyond,” shouted the Doc To be continued…..  

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Thought I would let know – Great Deal

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Message from a Hostel- Let’s collect James Bond

When the Doc and Alastair arrived at the El Dorado Hotel, sure enough James was sitting at the bar with a few of the local ladies. “Well I never thought I would see you two again,” he said . “Come over and meet these fine lovely ladies who have been keeping me company.” “Right James it’s time for the off. We have to get you back to where you came from,” said the Doc. “A new word I have learnt here Doc is to ‘chill and go with the OK flow’,” replied James. “Go with the OK flow man, me arse… you are coming back with us. These lovely tulips can have a nice evening minding someone else. Al, grab James and bring him with us,” said the Doc. That’s James feckin’ Bond Doc. He will probably have some feckin’ secret gadget that will take me feckin’ arm off if I touch him,” replied Alistair. “You take him out of here, your bigger than me. “Right James my man, as they say in the Curragh, let’s get the flock out of here,” shouted the Doc. “Well my lovely ladies, until we meet again. Barman, please charge all their drinks to my room. Room number 007. Right gentlemen, as the Doc said, shall we flock off.” James Bond, Doc and Alistair left the hotel. On the way back to Doc’s house Alistair asked. “Were you staying at the Hotel James?” “No, but as we are heading back in time we will be well gone before they find out I charged all my bills to someone else’s room”, laughed James. When they reached the house they all went into the Doc’s new travelling shed. “Right lads hold onto your bollox we’re heading back in time,” shouted the Doc. The Doc pressed the start button, the shed lit up and with a great BIG FLASH …they were off to 1533. To be continued…..  

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Message from a Hostel- Archie the big boss

“Lady Catherine, I think you have come up with a clever plan, but separating from Rome will not be easy,” said the Archbishop. “There is much treachery in your plan. Rome will not take this lying down. This could mean many wars, both now and in the future.” The Manager replied, “if it is to be, it will be.” “Listen Archie me man, if Henry VIII wants to have his way with as many wives as he likes the only way to do this is to protest to Rome. Old red socks will never grant him a divorce. The only way will be for Henry to set up his own church. The good news is, Archie my good man you will be the big boss. Mr. number one, head buccaneer,” said Nora.“I think that calls for a celebration with an old bottle of the Molly Dooker- Miss Manager what say you?” “You have the Kings attention now and given the reluctance from Rome to grant his divorce, I fear he may take your option and cut Rome off altogether. We should head back to my Manor and wait for further word from the King,” said the Archbishop. Alastair’s cell phone rang. It was the Doc. “Hey Al my man, I’ll pick you up in 5 minutes. We will go up to the El Dorado and see if we can find James Bond and drag him back here. We will then all set off back in time. I have being chawin’ a while and Al we might take Bond back to 1533, you never know he might come in useful.” “Rock on Doc I’ll see you in 5,” replied Alastair. To be continued……  

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Message from a Hostel – Church of England Day 1

“You think it is worth considering?” The Archbishop mumbled and stuttered for a moment. “My King I…..I…..I think it might be…..” Before the Archbishop could say anything, Nora jumped in, “and of course you would make Archbishop Cranmer the boss man of your own Church. You would be the real boss and the Head of the Church of England. Your own Church and you would not have to worry about old red socks anymore.” “I think I am starting to like this solution, Archbishop,” replied King Henry VIII. As he started to walk around the court saying out load “Head of my own Church, the Church of England” “You would be my right hand man in the church Archbishop. You could bring all your fellow clergymen along side you. If they did not want to join my Church then I would banish all of them back to Rome.” Catherine of Aragon entered the great hall and as she did she noticed a big smirk on King Henry’s face. “My King have you not entertained Archbishop Cranmer and these two ladies long enough?. I wish you to accompany me in the gardens for a walk,” requested Catherine. “I wish you to dismiss these people now, my King.” “Yes my dear,” replied Henry VIII. “Archbishop keep these two fine ladies in the best of comforts and I will join you later to continue our discussions. Lady Catherine of Ontario and Lady Nora these are very interesting discussions, I look forward to continuing our conversation at a later stage. You are all dismissed from my presence.” To be continued…..  

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