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Day: June 21, 2013

Message from a Hostel – Doc’s new travelling shed

Before the Archbishop could say another word the Manager shouted out “the clock struck one” and both the Manager and Nora pressed the start button on the Higulator. The Higulator fired up and they vanished right in front of the Archbishops guards. The Manager had cleverly worked out the coordinates and time zone to land in the Great Hall of King Henry VIII. At the precise time that the King was about to enter and proceed with his daily rulings. This process involved the court Lords and Ladies who would enter the room to present their case for judgement in front of King Henry VIII. The Manager had landed Nora, Archbishop Cranmer and herself right at the moment Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn entered the Great Hall. “Archbishop you present yourself and these two lovely ladies in by presence, I was not expecting you here today,” said the King. Henry VIII took his place on his great throne with Anne Boleyn by his side. The Archbishop was mumbling for words as he had already informed the King that both Nora and the Manager had been executed. He was very nervous that the King might recognize both of them. Before the Archbishop could find his words Nora shouted out. “Might the Great King let me introduce myself? I am Lady Nora of the Castle Blayney. Your Archbishop has been kind enough to welcome us into his great house as guests and wanted to introduce us too you. This is my good friend, Lady Catherine of Ontario.” “Yes your Majesty, I wanted to inform you in private on their arrival before they were introduced to your court,” added the Archbishop. “I felt it important, as these two lovely ladies bring some special news and inventions. Which they will share with you only in private, my King.” “This is very odd Archbishop,” replied King Henry VII. “I will grant them a private hearing after today’s court. I had a very strange dream about a Lady Catherine, so I am intrigued to hear more of your news from her and the inventions you speak off.” “Lord Cromwell, inform the Court I am ready to hear the first case for judgement.” “Lady Nora got you out of that fine mess nicely. I could detect your were uncomfortable with the Kings questions,” said the Manager to the Archbishop. “You tricked me Lady Catherine”. “I tricked you to save our hides”, replied the Manager. “I feel we can now help each other”. Meanwhile Doc Higgins was putting the finishing touches to his new travelling time shed. “Al, we are almost ready to go and find the two girls. I just have to fix a new Higulator to the shed wall and we are off to bring Nora and the Manager back to the future”. “Hey Doc the shed looks great. I can’t wait to get going and finding my Nora,” replied Alistair. To be continued……..  

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