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Day: April 18, 2013

Message from a Hostel – Inform the King!

“Look very closely Al. The Manager is not saying Henry ate something and 15 dirty trees, she is saying Henry the VIII and the year 1533. We have found them Al! All I have to do is get this feckin’ Higulator working and build another travelling shed and then we are off. Al my man, the year 1533 here we come,” said the Doc. “I’ll need to read up a bit to understand what was going on in 1533 with Henry VIII.” “But why were they holding the Higulator and sitting on broom sticks Doc?” asked Alistair. “How come they weren’t in your travelling shed?” “Good question Al. No flies on you. Something might have happened that they removed the Higulator from the shed,” replied Doc. “Now let’s go and find out what trouble James Bond has gotten himself into and see if we can’t get him out of it. Maybe he has been eaten by a few old cougars up the lakeshore area,” laughed the Doc. “Once we find Bond we can get started on building a new shed and get travelling to 1533. I don’t fancy leaving James Bond here in town. Its best we bring him back to his own time on our way to find The Manager and Nora.” “Sure thing Doc. The sooner we start the sooner I can get my Nora home,” replied Alistair. Meanwhile back in 1533. The Manager and Nora stopped disappearing and reappearing in the court room.” Nora shouted out once more, “now for our next trick where is that rabbit. Quick give that Higulator another bang so we can get out of here again.” Archbishop Cranmer ordered his soldiers to remove the Higulator from the Manager and take them both back to his manor. There was much discussion about the witches between all the clergy who were gathered in the court room. The King must know of these witches they all agreed. Archbishop Cranmer was concerned about this decision, as he had already informed Henry VIII that he had ordered them both to be executed. The Archbishop felt strongly that it was the Higulator that was making the Manager and Nora disappear and they were not in fact witches, but had some magical machine. The Archbishop informed his clergy members that he would speak with the King and dismissed the group. He knew though that before he would engage the King in any discussion he would go and see the Manager and Nora again. He felt he needed more answers that would support his case if questioned on why they had not been beheaded. To be continued……  

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