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Day: March 29, 2013

Message from a Hostel – They are witches, witches!

Archbishop Cranmer stood up and approached the Manager and Nora.  “Ladies you will now undergo the broom test to establish once and for all whether you are witches or not.”  My fellow clergymen brace yourselves.  Hold onto your hats.  Lock the doors and protect the windows. Remember once witches are airborne they can cause enormous damage. My good ladies, I command you now to mount your brooms.” Nora grabbed a broom, threw her leg over it and ran around the court room shouting “Ye Haw, Ye Haw.” As if she was riding a  toy horse. “Giddy up there pony.” “Stand back,” shouted the Archbishop.  “This witch will be in the air in seconds.” Nora was racing around the court hooting and howlin’ In the meantime the Manager had taken hold of her broom and moved over to where the Higulator was sitting on a table.  The Manager gave the digital box a slap and the lights lit up.  They started to flash on an off. She quickly shout to Nora, “wind your neck back in Nora and get over here.” Nora came running over towards the Manager.  “Grab a hold of the Higulator Nora.” The Manager set the start button and within seconds there was a flash.  Nora and the Manager were gone. There was astonishment in the court room.  “They were witches, witches withes,” they all shouted. Suddenly the Manager and Nora were back in the court room. “And now for our next trick,” said Nora. “Does anyone have a bunny rabbit? “ The Higulator had malfunctioned from the slap the Manager had given it.  It kept resetting itself back and forward in time. The Manager was pressing all the buttons on the Higulator frantically.  Again Nora and the Manager disappeared. To be continued…………

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