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Month: August 2012

Leadership in Conflict

Leaders need to be able to effectively communicate in the height of business or country conflict. Seeking to find the position of the other person first, gaining an understanding of the culture and the willingness to listen. Leaders come to the table with open minds, respect and the commitment to stay with dialogue to find solutions. The desire to build trust and respect for differences. Building trust and actively supporting the agreed solutions.

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Still Waiting since April 2012

My complaint to Safeway made on the 17th  April regarding service at the bakery counter- read their response   –  Mel Clifford Thank you for your recent correspondence. We appreciate the time you have taken to share your feedback. Your comments will be directed to our Public Affairs Department for further review. Mel, should you require further assistance, you may reply to this email or phone us at 1-8007-723-3929 and reference Contact ID XXXXXX (ID removed). One of our associates will be happy to assist you. Thank you for shopping at Safeway. Sincerely, Safeway Customer Service Team Still  waiting to hear from “our Public Affairs Department” Oh! nobody in Customer Service seems to have a NAME? Oh! well its Friday – have a great weekend.

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Message from a Hostel – The Castleblayney A.I Show

The 57th Castleblayney Agricultural & Industrial Show is on today Alistair will you be showing your amazing Hen in the Poultry section, asked Nora. Yes Nora, I have my champion hide & go seek speckled Hen entered in the show. The Judges counted up to 10 and after entering the poultry tent they found all the Hens in their cages, but not Alistair’s Speckle Hen.  Alistair’s Hen was nowhere to be found, first place again this year. Pity the Hide & Go Seek Hen event isn’t an Olympic sport Nora, I think my Hen would win gold.  Maybe Rio de Janeiro Alistair – focus on the next Olympics 2016 –if you can find your Hen by then.

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Building an in-house MBA Programme – Part 6

Let me address the fifth question from my Part 1 post on the topic of your organisation creating and implementing an in-house MBA Programme for employees. Question How does an organisation go about building an MBA and getting the commitment? Let’s keep this answer simple The question of commitment can only be led by the CEO of a business.  If they want well educated employees in their business that will clearly understand and support the company then Training & Development must be visibly on their agenda. The CEO must communicate the concept and the vision of the programme. To build your MBA programme the CEO must find a champion within the company, provide them with the resources and support them through having all the key managers drive the programme across the Company by:- Actively monitoring and participating towards the programmes’ success Removing all of the blockages to the programmes’ success Reward those that participate, contribute, implement and succeed on the programme Celebrating and communicating successes What are you waiting for?

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Poetry Just for You – have you got your copy?

  Poetry Just for You Many thanks to all of you who have already purchased a copy of my  book. Purchase your Printed or eBook Copy – Today There is a crack, a crack, in everything. That’s how the light gets in – Leonard Cohen  

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