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Day: July 13, 2012

Building your in-house MBA Programme – Part 2

Let me address the first question from my Part 1 post on the topic of your organisation creating and implementing an in-house MBA Programme for employees. Question What about the interactions with other students from different backgrounds or organisations which is important to a students’ overall learning? Moving employees across functions will create a working interaction with other colleagues who specialise within those functions. Interaction will provide different perspectives on business operations with other departments. Allowing for improved understanding of the function and encourage team work. It may also break down perceived barriers that may exist within the workplace. It will encourage employees to mix with other sections within the Company. Organisations with international elements could provide their employees with learning experiences in other countries, so that employees can experience different operations and cultures. Holding international residential workshops and in-company conferences will support interactions and learning experiences. Opening up the opportunity for business clients or suppliers to participate on inputs to your MBA programme will open up discussions which, in turn may created better understanding of business relationships and may lead to the possibilities of improving bottom line results for all parties. What about the added value of the inputs of academic institutes? – This Question will be addressed in Part 3

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