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Day: May 14, 2012

How Do I know Love

How Do I know Love True love comes to us all You should not let love pass you by How do you know that this is true love True love is for you both to grow into who you are Know what true love does not make you one How do I know and what do I do Looking inside and not without for love that you have Trust in your feeling and let go of your fears Showing one’s heart will certainly allow ones love to come out Love is for giving, love is not for hiding away Love is not love until you give it away Love grows as you grow and shows you as you are True love brings laughter and smiles in your life Sunshine to your face and a spring in your walk If you listen to your heart you will hear love’s call Love let’s you grow and minds you when you fall Love takes care of you if you give it away Love comes back to you from the one you love How do I know, just let your love go ©Mel Clifford

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