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Day: February 25, 2012

Message from a Hostel – Back to the Future 22

Out of a puff of smoke and a large flash of light came the Morris Minor with Doc, Nora and Alistair all inside. They had arrived back to Knox Mountain in the future just as they had left several days before. Time had not changed and it was like they had never left their own time zone. Yippee shouted Nora, we are back in the future. Doc was silent which was very unusual for him as he drove the Morris Minor car along the road to his home. I know you are mad at me but in the end it was Hig’s decision and I feel he made the right one, said Alistair. I know you are right Alistair but I enjoyed his company and the laughs we had, replied Doc. As the Doc pulled up outside his house, his wife was just getting into her car to go up  town. Don’t tell me you bought that banger of a car, she asked.  Let’s say I just borrowed it from myself, replied Doc. Hi Nora and Alistair I am on my way up town maybe I will see you both in the Office later as she drove off. Just as Mrs. Higgins passed Doc again she shouted where have you been all morning, hide that old car before the neighbours see it. Doc take a few days to put this behind you and give me a call then, said Alistair. I am good Alistair, said Doc I am just contemplating our next trip. There will be no feckin next trip for my Alistair, said Nora. Sure Nora replied Doc as he winked at Alistair.  Alistair and Nora headed off home. The following day Doc, Manager (Doc’s Missus) Nora and Alistair all met at the Office (local coffee shop). Before Nora and Alistair could sit down Doc said, I have told the Manager about our trip back to 1965, she does not really believe me but she knows the feckin lot the whole nine yards. So this is what’s were are going to do my man, myself and the wife are taking the MM Sports 1000 and my latest invention of the Flux Capacitor called the Higulater Model 1, we are going on some new time zone adventures. Sounds great, said Alistair when are you thinking of going. I have a few small issues to sort out on the Higulater and once they are completed we are off, I guess it will be in a few days, replied Doc. Both Nora and Manger exchange glances as if to say here we go again. So it will be the adventures of Doc, laughed Alistair. That’s it Alistair the adventures of the Doc, you are spot on and I ‘m going to do it. The Adventures of the Doc coming soon…

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