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Day: January 25, 2012

Message from a Hostel – Back to the Future 13

Hey Nora how do you know Alistair, asked Hig. Quickly thinking on her feet Nora replied, Alistair Oh! I thought you said Alan, Alan is a cousin of mine who will be living in London, I mean is living in London. Thought you might be thinking of Al my man, said Hig. What will you have to drink Nora, asked Hig once again. I will have a glass of white wine, replied Nora. Hig and Jimmy started to laugh out loud. White wine, said Hig, listen girl no one drinks that shit in here. Hold on Hig I think I have a old bottle of Blue Nun that was left here after one of those fancy parties, said Jimmy. It’s O.K, said Nora I’ll have a glass of beer, you mean a half larger, replied Jimmy, coming right up my lovely. So Nora, asked Hig, what part of the old sod are you from? Monaghan, replied Nora, just outside Blayney. Know it well, said Hig. Courted around there for a few years before I decided to go out foreign. Will you stay in England or travel further afield, enquired Nora. Between you, me and the wall Nora, my mate Al says if you were to believe him I’m heading West  to Canada, would you credit that, said Hig, feckin Canada. Will you still be in the Showband business, asked Nora. This game is for messers and gobshits, replied Hig, I’ll not stay long at this. Listen Nora, I have to go on stage and strut my stuff, will you be still here when I finish the gig?  I’ll ask Jimmy to mind you so you’re not on your toblerone, said Hig.  Sure if I am not here when you get back, I might see you in a few years, replied Nora. Doc and Alistair peered around the door only to see the Hig and Nora in flying session up at the Bar. How are we going to get Nora away from you, I mean the young you Doc, asked Alistair. I’m quite a smoothy, said Doc as he watched his younger self in action.  Doc please concentrate we need to get Nora out of there and all of us back home to 2011, said Alistair. It’s just coming up to midnight and he will have to go on stage, once he leaves the bar we will go and get Nora, said Doc. Great Doc, but I need to say my goodbye to Hig before we leave the Gresham, replied Alistair. Back at the bar Hig said to Nora, you might see me in a few Donkey Ears,  there is something very Lillian Gish-y going down here. No flies on you Hig, replied Nora.  The Hig quietly attracted Jimmys’ attention and said, listen Jimmy keep your mince pies open and watch this twist and twirl tonight. I’m not sure what’s on the cards but I have a feeling something Easter Bunny is going down and no one is going to make a Garden Tool out of me. Here is a Saucepan Lid Jimmy, mince pies wide open my man, you get my drift, said Hig. Catch you later Nora, said Hig as he headed off to go on stage. Right Doc this our chance, you grab Nora and I’ll just catch up with the younger you before he gets on stage and have a wee chat, meet you at front door in 10 minutes, said Alistair. O.K Alistair my man, be careful we don’t want to lose each other again, said Doc. Hig, shouted Alistair as he went off down the dance floor after him……to be continued…..,  

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