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Day: January 19, 2012

Message from a Hostel – Back to the Future 11

Hold on tight Nora we are all set to go, the Flux is set for London 1965, five days after Alistair arrived there, said Doc Higgins. I am holding on tight Doc and all set to go, replied Nora. Racing down the mountain with Nora on the crossbar, a sudden flash, whoosh and bang, Doc Higgins and Nora travelled through time back to 1965. Oh feck, we are travelling so fast we are passing out the buses, cried Nora, as they entered the London traffic. Nora it is all o.k. that’s how the buses work here in London they are very slow, replied Doc. Hold on Nora I’m going to come to a sudden stop, said Doc. With that the Doc and Nora went head over heels and landed in a heap on the pavement. My Lululemon gear is all torn and dirty Doc.  I won’t look nice for my Alistair, shouted Nora.  I just hope I have not damaged the Flux Capacitor with the crash, said Doc. This place looks familiar to me Nora, we are in North London – Archway, said Doc Higgins. It’s just 5.30pm we will need to hide out somewhere till the Ballroom opens at 9.30pm. We will need  to try and find out which showbands are playing tonight so I can avoid meeting my own self, said Doc. What about me meeting me  Doc,  asked Nora. Sure you were not even born yet so just make sure you don’t do anything that might affect your future you, said Doc. The Doc could see that Nora might be scheming something and noted in his mind to keep a good watch on her. Back at the Cat and Mouse where Alistair was staying the Hig and Alistair were chatting about heading up to the Gresham Ballroom later that evening. Hey Al my man, guess you will be going up to the old Jack Palance at the Gresham later. I have to keep watch for the future Doc so that he can get me back to 2011, replied Alistair. I can’t wait to meet him or should I say meet me laughed Hig. I don’t think that would be a good idea, replied Alistair, as the you now and the future you might end up having a few words with each other and starting a fight, replied Alistair. Oh! sorry Al my man, I just let a Jam Tart and it’s  the Reels of Cotton, said Hig with a proud smile. Well Doc nothing really changes in that department, laughed Alistair. While the Doc Higgins and Nora were hiding out waiting to go to the Gresham, Nora asked the Doc, you know that letter that Alistair sent you from 1965 how did that work. What’s on your mind Nora, my girl, asked Doc suspiciously. Oh! nothing just curious,  replied Nora. O.K its time to head down to the Jack Palance hall, said Doc. To the where, asked Nora. That’s how they speak here Nora the Jack Palance is “Dance” and we must get with the lingo so we don’t stand out in the crowd explained, Doc. Hi Hig, big crowd in tonight, said Jimmy the Barman …. to be continued…..

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