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Day: January 9, 2012

Message from a Hostel – Back to the Future 7

Hey Higgins what has you in here today, enquired Jimmy the Barman. The Boston Showband are not playing till next week. I know replied Higgins, have you seen that weird little fecker I was chatting too the other night around anywhere? His name is Alistair, you know dressed sort of funny looking guy, asked Doc Higgins.  After you went down the Apple and Pears Hig that guy Alistair was sitting over there at that Cain and Able holding court with all the usual Cabin Cruisers. He was telling old man Hughes and old man Zuckerberg  something  about millons of people on facebook it sounded all crazy stuff to me Hig, said Jimmy. I have not seen him back here since then, replied Jimmy. That’s feckin great, replied Hig just by any feckin luck, he didn’t happen to say where I could find him? You won’t Adam and Eve it Hig but on his way out the Henry Moore he mentioned that you might be looking for him so he left me this address of the Cat and Mouse he staying at, Jimmy replied.  That’s feckin great Jimmy here is a Speckled Hen buy yourself and the usual Cabin Cruisers a few Pimple and Blotche’s said Higgins , as he left the bar. Good man Hig you seem to be in the Bee and Honey, shouted Jimmy after him. Well look who it is the Doc, said Alistair when he opened the door. You can call me Doc, Professor, Screaming Wolf Man, Chairman Moa for all I feckin care, how the feck did you know a 100-6 horse was going to win the Grand National, Higgins yelled with excitment as he entered the house. How much did you win Doc, asked Alistair?  A lot of Bugs Bunny Al a lot of Bugs Bunny –  your my feckin little man from the future, replied Doc. So Doc do you fancy winning a few more schillings, Alistair asked. Listen Al I don’t care if you come from the arse hole of Mars if you can pick the winners you have my full attention, replied Doc Higgins. It is like this Doc, Alistair went on to explain how the Doc Higgins in the future had invented a Flux Capacitor and how Alistair ended up back in 1965. Well my man Al great Jack & Nory but I think you are almost as feckin crazy as I am, so where ever you say you are from and if you say I have the brains to make the gains I am ready for the next race tip, replied Doc Higgins. Doc I need your help to get me back to my Nora in 2011, said Alistair. I knew it, there is always some tulip of a bird behind the scene, listen to me Alistair what’s her name Nora will be away with a new Rob Roy by now, said Doc.  There are plenty of birds around here Al my man,  Doc said. Oh! not any of them like my Nora Doc, replied Alistair. You’ll not get one more tip from me Doc until you agree to help me get back home to 2011, stated Alistair. Ok my crazy future man Al you can tell that story of how you got here again and the flux thing a gigery on our way down to the Cream Cookies to win lots more Bugs Bunny. So Alistair my man who will win the 3.30 race today? asked the Doc. Hey my man Al you’re good with the Bag of Chips… to be continued…

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