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Day: November 9, 2011

Message from a Hostel – Let’s just call it camping part 4

Harvey wake up your truck is almost burnt out, it is only smouldering now. I am sure some parts might work again, said Nora.  It must have burned all night Harvey, added Alistair.  I don’t think so Nora A, that truck has seen its day for sure A, said Harvey. Nobody will miss us but I think they will miss you by now Harvey so they might send a search party for you.  I am not sure A, I often go missing for days A, said Harvey.  Is it on the drink Harvey when you go missing, asked Nora?   I’ve had a think said Nora, the Fire Brigade asked you to come out to get us so they must know you are missing.  I don’t think so A, replied Harvey they asked Big Joe from Shamrock Towing Service first but he was heading off on holidays to “Lost Wages” A and Joe called me A.  Well I think we might be here for a while longer Harvey, said Nora.  We have enough food in the car for a few more days and sure we can try fishing in the lake here, its like that TV programme “Lost” except we didn’t fall out of a plane, Alistair said.  Hey Nora what are you doing shouted Alistair?  I am lighting another fire Alistair because the Fire Brigade will come out again and save us, explained Nora.  How the feck will we explain how the fires started, asked Alistair.  We can say Harvey started it with his truck, said Nora.  You two are not blaming me A, I did not do anything A, I just came to tow you back to town and ye set my truck on fire A, said Harvey.  Ah! Harvey don’t take it like that, said Nora sure the Insurance Company will buy you a nice new towing truck. Nora look at which way the wind is blowing the fire. Its right towards our car, come on Harvey help me push the car out of the way towards the lake, shouted Alistair.  Slow down, slow down Alistair, the car is heading straight for the water A, oh to late Alistair, yelled Harvey.  Well well Alistair we are rightly fecked now, no truck, no car and no food ,said Nora. Hush everyone A, I think I hear the sound of an engine in the distance, said Harvey. Lost or found who knows?

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