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Month: September 2011

Getting Things Done

When you think it is all sorted think again.  Did you achieve what you set out to achieve?  Could it have been achieved better or earlier?  Did the task need to be done at all?  Did you need to be involved? Could you have planned it better? Questions that are often asked after the fact. It is often better to be very clear on what will not be done so that you and others will have a clear understanding of what will be done.  This way expectations can be clarified. Ask and address all the questions before you start.

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Message from a Hostel – Is Gambling a Sin?

How did ye all get on at the court hearing today Alastair?  Well Nora you won’t believe what happened. The three of us were sitting waiting for our case to be called, we were all very concerned about the possible outcome. I watched Minister Smyth and Father Higgins praying to the heavens.  Alastair is Father Higgins the man that looks like Santa Claus?  That’s the very man Nora.  So listen I sat there twiddling my thumbs while the other two were chatting away. Next thing all we heard was the Court Clerk calling Minister Smyth to take the stand.  The Judge asked the Prosecution Lawyer to read the charges against the three of us.  Poor old Minister Smyth was on the stand at this stage.   Minister Smyth you are accused under the Illegal Gambling Business Act of 1970 of playing cards for financial gain in a public place on the 8.30am train from Vancouver to Kelowna, the Lawyer declared.  The Judge then asked, Minister Smyth how do you plead.  Right there and then without batting an eye lid Minister Smyth said not guilty your honour. Well the Judge looked at him and he then looked back at the Prosecution Lawyer and he did this several times between the both of them.  The Judge then spoke, this is a man of the cloth and he must be telling the truth,you are dismissed Minister Smyth. The Court Clerk then called Father Higgins.  The same process was repeated and when the Judge asked Father Higgins how do you plead, Father Higgins replied, not guilty your honour.  Again the Judge referred to him as a man of the cloth and acquitted him. Now Nora it was my turn and after hearing the other two, what was I going to say? The Prosecution Lawyer read the charges, he said Alastair Shackleton Jones you are accused under the Illegal Gambling Business Act of 1970 of playing cards for financial gain in a public place on the 8.30am train from Vancouver to Kelowna.  Then the Judge asked me how do you plead? so I replied with whom your honour?

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A Weekend Just for You

Do not miss this Opportunity,this is a great weekend Ben Wiskin Centre, County Sligo Ireland Fri 30th Sept – Sun 2nd Oct 2011 The emphasis will be on Organic Vegetarian, live foods and having a fun, nurturing and relaxing weekend. Sharing the food we all prepared                              Beautiful walks of meditation Fun and Laughter Delicious natural foods Take time out for you Learn how to prepare great tasty, healthy nutritional meals Energise and nourish your Body, Mind and Soul. Re-connect with nature – Great morning walks Create your new compelling vision Leave rejuvenated and inspired For more details and to book please contact Andy at +353 (0) 87 2549383 or email    

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Mirror on the Wall

My body with wrinkles some parts look old Yet my mind is young so I am told My hands looked wrinkled yet my fingers long Where has my young hands gone To a mirror I run I must check this look Age is just a numbers I have read somewhere in a book How can this be me for my thoughts are so young I’ll keep it that way for it is my spirit and soul that counts I’ll not look to the mirror’s that reflects my outer shape For it is what it is but my youth is within Lessons that I have learnt I’ll play them well Stress of this world will cheat me out of my days So each day I will make my life of wonderful fun Smile, play, love, think happiness and be young

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The Ring

Love is the master of the ring And life a circus tent. What is this silly song you sing? Love is the master of the ring. I am afraid! Afraid of Love And of Love’s bitter whip! Afraid, Afraid of Love And Love’s sharp, stinging whip. What is this silly song you sing? Love is the master of the ring. Author – Langston Hughes

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The 5 States of Success

WOW! It’s finally here! It is with the greatest pleasure that I have been asked to invite you to join Brendan Foley for the launch of his new book The 5 States of Success at 6:30pm on Tuesday 6th of September, in Dubray Books, Blackrock Shopping Centre, Co Dublin Ireland. 100% of Author royalties on sales of this book from the 3rd – 10th of September will go to the CONCERN famine appeal for Somalia. So buy a book on the 6th and help a great cause!   “If you loved Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits, then you will enjoy Brendan Foley’s 5 States!” – Alasdair Verschoyle, Reviewer        “A brilliant book, very well written and very well put together” – Lynsey Dolan – Presenter ‘Dublin’s Talking’ on Sunshine 106.8 FM If you can’t make the launch, The 5 States of Successis available at all good bookstores and online – €9.99. For online sales of paperback and ebook please see Please bring your friends, family and colleagues Apres @ Tonic in Blackrock.

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