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Month: July 2011

Message from a Hostel – Hi Mrs Avery, is Nora there?

Who is it?  It’s Alastair I am just up in the Pub and need a lift home. Nora’s Mothers says Nora is busy too busy to come to the phone. Then Nora’s Mothers says Nora is trying to start the car on her own. Nora’s Mothers says Nora is happy out and trying to reverse the car on her own. Then the barman says, Alistair there is forty lads here waiting to use the phone for the last three minutes.  Please Mrs. Avery I just got to talk to her I just need her to pick me up at the pub in a while. Please Mrs. Avery I just want to tell to her to heat up the chicken pie. Nora’s Mothers says Nora is going mad she is after the mechanics who work on her car today.  Nora’s Mothers says Nora is on her way down to Galveston’s garage today.  Nora’s Mothers says please don’t say nothing she as mad as hell. Then the barman says, Alistair there is forty lads here waiting to use the phone for the last three minutes. Please Mrs. Avery I just got to talk to her I just need her to pick me up at the pub in a while.  Please Mrs. Avery I just want to tell to her to heat up the chicken pie. Nora’s Mothers says Nora is hurrying but she says you will have to catch the nine a clock train. Nora’s Mothers says Nora said take your umbrella and don’t get caught out in the fecking rain. Nora’s Mothers says Nora says thanks for calling and be sure call back again. Then the barman says, Alistair there is forty lads here waiting to use the phone for the last three minutes. Please Mrs. Avery I just got to talk to her I just need her to pick me up at the pub in a while.  Please Mrs. Avery I just got to tell to her to heat up the chicken pie, tell to her to heat up the chicken pie, the chicken pie, the chicken pie. Ah Feck it Mrs. Avery tell her I will walk home you old bag.  

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Take My Hand

Take My Hand Come! Take my hand Come fly with me I’ll show you the world I’ll show you my soul Both left bare in brazen beauty Valleys and mountains high to low Feel it! The exhilaration The extraordinary sensation of losing yourself to the moment Will you let me take you? We can preview a next world One full of adventures Full of sunshine and wonders! We’ll sit on white beaches watching the suns of our past Come! Take my hand Come fly with me Given with kind permission by Author Morgan Davis Morgan is a beautiful young artist and writer completing her High School studies in Kelowna BC Canada.  Thank you Morgan for sharing you beautiful work with us.  

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Let’s Talk – Social Media is Dead

The growth of communications via social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn, blogging and such like has been unbelievable over the past few years.  Facebook is now claiming that it’s fastest growing group are females between the ages of 55 – 65.  Those born in the mid 1990’s have grown up with cell phones, texting, email and Facebook as part of their day to day lives. Recently we have seen the very positive capacities and usages of Social Media in the Vancouver riots in Canada and the Northern African conflicts. As always there is a flip side – has the art of starting and holding a good conversation been lost?  Where is the art of starting or holding a good conversation with someone face to face gone?  From what I can observe the teenagers and early twenties are holding the majority of their discussions over the internet using social media networks.  Young couples are texting each other from within the same room both working on their laptops or iPhones.  Is this the way of the future?  Has social media taken over the art of conversation? What has happened to being able to actually start a conversation and talk face to face with someone?  Talk over the telephone instead of texting.  Is there a danger that qualities and skills might disappear and the main form of communication will be via technologies networks?  How will individuals related to each other as couples and as work colleagues?  Maybe in years to come we will be running classes again on the art of communications teaching people how to just talk to each other again. All said, maybe the opposite is that we are being trained in the learning of telepathy.  Given that those using all of the social media networks are interconnected by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogging.  So what does that mean?  Well let’s put it this way, the connections possible worldwide, and the ability to tune into several discussions at the same time from anywhere in the world at anytime opens up possibilities.  If technology can pick up on these waves why can’t the human brain?  Well whales use brain waves to signal to other whales hundreds of miles away, as humans we not learn these skills yet.  Research into Technologies and brain connection were conducted back in the 1970’s in the University of California Los Angeles UCLA. “At this moment, parapsychologists and paraphysicists have not yet learned enough about telepathic communication to positively verify that telepathy is a real phenomenon, at least as far as the mainstream scientific community is concerned. However, the evidence is mounting up and research is continuing, with many already convinced that with the right training, anyone can develop and use their natural telepathic communication abilities.  “ Reference June 2011 Social Media technologies are the training ground in teaching our brains the capability to have all multiple discussions.  Does this mean by using telepathy that all those “following” or whom “Follow”, or those that we share as “friends Only” see our inner thoughts?  NO it is my opinion that our brains will have the ability to recognise only those thoughts we wish to share.  Those thoughts that we don’t want to share will remind in safe corridors with built-in self protection so that we the “unique self “will survive. The University of Maryland in a global study of young adult’s use of media, found that students actually experience symptoms akin to drug withdrawal.  Thus the effect on ones brain and its requirement to be stimulated again and again from the use of social media.  “The study’s conclusions also draw light to the fact that the youth of today are “fickle” and do not care where their information comes from, rather it is the information itself that is coveted the most” Reference  Jan 2011 Like internet social media our brains will be able to tune in and out of discussions as and when we wish.  We will still be able to block and hide our inner thoughts have spam detectors and get rid of junk interference.  Maybe our brain will need to grow much larger than they are today or we will reactivate the dormant areas that we are always been told we have to cope with the information explosion we are facing.  The Tom Cruise 2002 Movie The Minority Report  demonstrates the use of preventative thoughts from monitoring brain waves to protect society “In Washington, D.C., in the year 2054, murder has been eliminated.  The future is seen and the guilty punished before the crime has ever been committed.”  Reference But will we lose the intimacy and been able to see the laughter and fun on our faces, the expressions we made and the touch, feeling of a hug or kiss and the mystery of you. Communication is vital in our lives but not by social media alone – so talk to someone face to face – maybe this post is a few years or centuries too soon?

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Message from a Hostel – The Telephone

Would you look at this Alistair if you call this phone number you will get this girl on the other end of the line to chat to?  You can chat as long as you like, it says here.  Look at the price of the phone calls Alistair €5 euro a minute.  What fecking network is she on?  Does she not know she could get better rates from Vodafone, O2, Shaw, TELUS or Virgin?  Virgin that’s a good one Alistair by the looks of your woman in the  picture she on a different network alright. What was the name of the guy who invented the telephone Alistair?  It was Alexander Graham Bell and his assistant Thomas Watson.  Did you know Nora that Alexander Graham Bell was born in Scotland in 1847 and he moved to America where he invented the telephone.  Bell’s first words over the telephone were “Mr. Watson — come here — I want to see you.” I am sure she is saying the same thing now to some poor old sod “come over here I want to see ya” Well Alistair Bell would turn in his grave if he saw this advert and how they are using his telephone Right now “Miss call me up” and chat for €5 per minute’ is probably sitting there with her grey hair in curlers and no makeup in her big woolly PJ’s.  Zipping up and down the zipper from a sleeping bag telling the same poor sod that she is taking off her long black boots. That Graham Bell fellow should have thought of something better to say Alistair like, get off the fecking phone Watson this is costing me a fortune!

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Poetry Just for You – Coming Soon

  My new book Poetry Just for You will be published as an eBook and in print format in the coming weeks.  To support this release I would like to share this poem with you.  I wrote this poem several years ago with my three sons in mind. As their Dad I am very proud of each of them and I am happy to say they are all playing life’s games. “Play Life’s Game” When I am worried I cannot write I think and worry about the kids each night Yet so young and they think they are old Big enough not to do what they are told With each year they become so big Always wanting to do their own gig As a parent they will never know How difficult it is to let them go Why do you worry in this day and age Each day they grow exploring another stage Yet I worry all the time Because I want to protect them as they are mine So when does this pain go away or awful fright That something may happen to them one night When I was young I was just the same So let them go to play life’s game

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Message from a Hostel – Canada Day

Its Canada Day today Nora and they are celebrating the anniversary of the July 1st, 1867, enactment of the Constitution Act, 1867, which united three British colonies into a single country, called Canada. There are all sorts of parades, fireworks and events here in the town and all across Canada. Oh Alistair I don’t think I’ll go out today.  Why Nora?  Well Alistair I was listening to the radio and there was a Constable from the RCMP saying that they would be very vigilant during this holiday period.  The interviewer then ask the Constable about the issues of grownups.  The Constable said that the RCMP were finding fields of grown ups and that those responsible would be prosecuted.  What are grown ups doing in fields Nora?  The RCMP were going to start searching  houses for grown ups.  Alistair they will find plenty of grown ups in houses that is where grown ups live. Alistair the Constable said that the grown ups are sent to the USA?. Alistair I am not going to any field where they are celebrating Canada Day so the RCMP can find me.  I think Alistair  you’ll be fine with your Mickey Mouse shoes, there will be no mistaking you for a grown up. Alistair Canada has very interesting laws, they seems to be very frighten of adults and the children  want all the grwon ups to go to the USA.

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