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Day: April 18, 2011

Read your License Plates – Canada

Beautiful British Columbia, Wild Rose Country, Yours to Discover, …..and so on… My question is – for how long and will your children have the same straplines on their number plates – Yours to Decide! Only new to Canada I have been asked in general conversation by the young and new first time voters who they should vote for in the coming elections.  I am remained of the voting history in Ireland where most families voted as their parents did.  If your parents voted for a particular party then so did you not really understanding why.  That’s what your parents did so it must be OK – how very wrong we were.  Look at the mess that Ireland is in and the levels of greed which brought it there.  It is most likely that most parents aged 45+will not be living in 50 years, but our children and their children will be. So in response to this question I say Canada vote GREEN PARTY.  – Why –I don’t really understand the difference between the right and the left parties or the parties who say they are in the middle.  But I do know the Green Party have you and your children’s future environmental issues on their agenda. Then I hear from the young voters, but most people of years 55+ will vote Conservative Party as they have always done as they don’t want change.  So I say to those 55 years + voters place your children and their children’s future first not yours as you will not have to live on this earth as they will. Read your licence plates and practice what you preach. Now is the time for change not in the years to come when it’s too late. If any of the other parties would like to tell me why not I am happy to listen– ?

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