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Day: February 4, 2011

What will make Micheál Martin different?

Firstly let me say that I have no affiliation to any particular party in Ireland. Listening to Micheál Martin over the years all I can seem to remember for some reason is “Me Me Me” or “I”  “I” “I” coming out of his mouth.  This would suggest that he has a major self ego which does not fit well for team work or accepting faults and blame.  Reminds me of the “it wasn’t me it was all their fault” – childish attitude.  I often write about valuing the child within but in this case I think you know what I mean. I have one question for the new leader of Fianna Fáil, is what makes you any different from the rest?  Please don’t tell me you party policies or what you have done or better still what you presided over for the past 15 years, like it or Michael you were part of the problem.  So back to the question what makes you any different? When will he have trust and honesty in the political system?

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