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Day: January 19, 2011

Message from a Hostel –Lets plays I spy

I spy with my little eye something beginning with the letter A, I’m sleeping Alastair just keep driving.  Nora is this the way to Amarillo, yes Alastair why – because very night I have been hugging my pillow dreaming dreams of Amarillo and sweet Marie who waits for me.  Who the f**K is Marie that you are dreaming about is it some x from the past.  No not at all Nora, there is no Marie it’s a song by Tony Christie.  Oh OK then just keep your eyes on the road and watch your speed. What’s your song about Albuquerque then Alastair its only 288 miles, how about this line I have left that girl so many times before by the time I get to Albuquerque she will be working she will probably stop for lunch and give me a call.  I hope you don’t have a song for all the way home.  Let’s follow the signs Nora and see what songs come up.  Pull over Alastair I am driving, look over there Nora more cows – nothing like a little distraction from the old routine.

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