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Day: November 22, 2010

Message from a Hostel – Whole lot of Therapy!

Nora insisted that Alastair should relax more and stop working so hard.  So as a special treat she has taken him to see the Big Mouse for the Thanks Giving holiday(or the Yankee Doodle Christmas)  Well Alastair’s eyes light up with the excitement packed his shorts and was ready to go.  So down to Yankee Doodle land with Uncle R and Auntie M in their big truck.  The drive took 2 full days from the winter snow to the sunshine in the Deep South.  As Nora and Alastair travelled along the road singing their songs and watching the scenery they spotter where the Tin man, Scarecrow and the Lion all hang out, it’s in a place called Hootersville.  No wonder Nora and Alastair never came across them in Munchkin land they are all hanging out in Hootersville. Every state they went through had a place call Hootersville so nothing would satisfy Alastair but to go and investigate.  To see if he could rescue their three Yellow Brick Road friends supports from the hands of the Hootersvillians.  Well what s shock and all Alastair can say now is “I will need a whole lot of Therapy after that experience Nora look at my eye twitching Nora look at my eye”

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