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Day: October 28, 2010

Mission Statement

After reading a book which contained a summary of articles published from regular Newsletters I came across this Mission Statement below for the Carnegie Centre. The Centre is situated in Downtown Eastside Vancouver and most of the articles are written by and about the people and community of Downtown Eastside.  Following the post about the words of the His Holiness the 14th Dali Lama I thought if every country implemented this Mission Statement it might move us and future generations to a better place for us all.  The critical issue is for each of us to make a start and implement the guiding principles outline below. Paul Taylor has been the volunteer Editor of the Newsletter since its beginning and from what I have read championed excellent work.  As outlined in many of the stories and poems there are many individuals who should be ashamed of their actions towards the community and centre. Carnegie Mission Statement 2001 Our Mission is to nature mind, body and spirit in a safe and welcoming environment.  Through the leadership and participation of our volunteers, we provide social educational, cultural, and recreational activities for the benefit of the people of Downtown Eastside. Guiding Principles To treat one another with respect regardless of  race, ethnicity, colour, religion gender or age To accept and celebrate a diversity of  lifestyles and cultures To listen and to strive to understand one another To settle differences and misunderstandings through patience and goodwill To respect the personal and private space of one another while offering friendship and inclusion in the life of the Centre To build on one another’s strengths. Skills and natural abilities To contribute to the work of the centre while enjoying the benefits of the Centre To ensure that people in our community are supported in finding their own voice, and in participating in the life of the Centre To serve the community inside Carnegie and in the Downtown Eastside