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Day: August 5, 2010

Redundancy Crisis or Opportunity

It could be said that the word Redundant has connotation that one is not worth anytime any more.  Often this is how people feel when they are faced with redundancy in the workplace.  We know that redundancies are about the position and not the person.  But often one can’t help feeling is it me, am I not wanted or valued here.  Very often people don’t take the control for themselves in this situation and move on with their lives.  They see it as a crisis and not as an opportunity and they react in a similar fashion.  Yes it can be worrying and yes times a head might be difficult for a short while, but staying in that place will not get you out of it so the soon you start looking at it as a great opportunity the quicker you will move on in your life for the better. Let’s take a positive approach to the word Redundant and make it work for YOU. Review you life and career and where you want to be going forward from today Energy you have to start a fresh and do what you have always wanted to do Drive forward in your own life the things that make you feel good each day Understanding of the possibility of new learning opportunities just for you Now is the time for you to reflect and decide what you want in your life Decisions that you have put off but now you have the opportunity to make Action by taking the first step in doing what you want to do Never give up on following your dream – never loose the child within Time in your life to be the person you want to be The people that have taken a positive approach when they were made redundant are the ones that get back up again and create new opportunities for themselves.  So even though your position might be redundant, you have the possibilities that others often only wish for just look for it and feel it.

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