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Day: July 14, 2010

There is an I in Team

The other day I wrote that placing letters in a recognisable order would create the words we want to communicate and the letters I put together read “Make someone smile today” Can I ask U what letters did U use? One letter that is important in our lives is the letter “I” Why because it allows U to describe how U feel in your world.  When U use the letter I it communicates about only U. Here R some statements that start with the 9th. letter in the alphabet the letter ” I” I am happy I am excited I am sad I need a hug I am afraid I think I love you I don’t like I believe in I want to be listened too I am sure you have heard or read the statement there is no “I” in TEAM but you see there is, for it is all the I’s that make up a TEAM.  Bringing the qualities and skills of who we are to form the TEAM. I am on this Team, I will give my full support to this Team.  This is what I bring to this Team. If we don’t know who we are then what and how will “I” contribute to this Team? I want to thank U for reading this post

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