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Day: June 2, 2010

Where do you live?

It is funny how when we meet people for the first time we ask the usual silly questions.  Somehow we are consciously or unconsciously pigeon holing the person into a selected category.  The type of questions like:- What do you do or where do you work? What do you work at? Where are you from? Then after a while we get around to asking where do they live?  We seem to make where one lives important,  as we start to associate individuals by their address.  We make assumptions like a posh address = posh people, poor address = poor people. Actually we all live in the same place.  I live in me, in my body and the frame work structure that supports it, this is where I live.  As far as I know that’s where you live as well within your body.  I have often used the phase I don’t eat junk food because if I don’t look after my body I will have nowhere to live (and I know I need to practice this even more in my life).  So what and who we are depends on ourselves and not the address where we might stay. We seem to spend lots of money on such things as our house, buying a bigger one, decorations, gardens, furniture, renovations, extensions, appliances and the list goes on.  What if we spend similar amounts on where we actual live on our health.  Is not taking care of ourselves and our health more important than a material house?  We locate in a house but we live in ourselves. I think I would prefer to spend time and money on taking care of where I live.  Living my life and developing my mind and keeping my body healthy. Yes I too have a long way to go to get my house in order – how are you doing? Thanks to David Pohl for the image (Pennsylvania Gazette – 2006)

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