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Day: April 10, 2010

Open a door for your dreams

Do you dream? Do you listen to your dreams? I know I don’t listen half enough or pay enough attention to my dreams. Why, because I busy myself with activities and daily nonsense that just gets in my way.  I know what I should do but often I don’t – its take commitment to listen and I must give it the time it needs. For spending time in our conscious self, we can find ourselves saying, if only I had …… then this is what I would really do…. or if I won a lot of money then I would do this……….Sometimes living in the world of “if” It is vital that we learn to listen and pay attention to our subconscious, both our positive and negative thoughts. Each of us have the road map for where we should be going, finding it and listening to your dreams will help get us there.  Focus and willingness to listen to your dreams is important, remember the words “I have a gut feeling about ….” In ancient times they had dream interrupters to help them understand the meaning of their dreams. Individuals would paid more attention to understanding their dreams. Listen to your inner self for within your dreams you will find the answer. What are your dreams and what are you doing about them?  Have you opened your door for your dreams to guide you?

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