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On St Patrick.s Day I walked from Dun Laoghaire Harbour to Howth Harbour in aid of AWARE (their strap line is helping to defeat depression) a total of 16.2 miles.  It was a beautiful day and all along the route we met many other walkers with happy smiles on their faces.  It started out great with some fast walking, as I reached Sutton Cross I could feel my legs getting weak and very sore, with only 2.3 miles left to go.  It would be true to say that I would not walk this type of distance in one go.  I try and walk every day for 30- 40 minutes only.  So I needed to maintain focus and determination to complete this walk especially at the final mile or so.  After setting out from Dun Laoghaire at 10.45am I finally reached Howth Harbour at 15.15 which included a short 30 minute break along the way. I met some lovely people who had taken part in the walk as we all enjoyed a well deserved cool drink.

I was delighted with my achievement and I was just one of several hundred other walkers who took part, especially a young boy from Monaghan aged 10 years named Ethan. I would say he was one of the youngest walkers.  I have posted some of the photos I took along the way on the gallery page.

Visit the AWARE web site , one never knows you could join us next year.

The Tattoo on the leg of a walker reads

“Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt”

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