13 Questions for the Push Factor

Fire Yourself

If something is going to pull you towards a new employer then something can push you out of your current job or the organisation that you work for. Lots of people go to work day in day out and never seem to question what and why are they working in a particular job or for a particular company. The reason I often hear is I need the money, otherwise I would be doing……..???

Given  today’s economic environment  lots of people are to scared to make a career change.  They know in their hearts that what and where they are working is not for them but they fail to address the issue. We all know the longer one waits the harder it becomes to make those changes.

Like the pull factor there is a push factor and here are some key questions to ask yourself about where you work right now.

  1. Do you really like the job/organisation you are working in right now?
  2. Do you get a buzz from the work you do?
  3. Are you learning new skills and growing where you are working?
  4. Is this your future career for the next 3-5 years?
  5. Do you jump out of your bed to go to your place of work each day?
  6. Does your organisation have a vision that you can contribute too and buy into?
  7. Given that you spend most of your daily hours getting to, from and in this workplace do you want this in your life?
  8. Are you really making a difference by working in this organisation in your or anyone else life?
  9. How many excuses have you made so far as to why you are staying in this job
  10. Are you staying in your job because you feel more appreciation and value then what you feel at home?
  11. Forget about the money is this really you?
  12. If you had your choice is this what you want in life?
  13. YOU have a CHOICE so starting from today are your going to make it?

It’s your time to choose if your dare – maybe you will fire yourself today

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