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13 Interview Questions for the Pull Factor

Come Work for Us

During the high-level of employment, companies were going out of their way to tell potential employees how good they were to work for.  What they had to offer and selling their organisation as a great place to work.  One could almost pick and choose where they wanted to work.  Now that the situation has totally reversed, does it mean that employers or  potential employee one should not continue to promote their organisation or themselves?.

There are two key factors within the employment game, they are the Push factor, what will make you leave your present employer and the Pull factor what will attract you to a new employer.

So when you are stuck for those questions when the interviewer asks “have you any questions you would like to ask us?” What about any of the following Pull Factor Questions?

  1. Why should I work for your Company?
  2. Where do you rate honesty and trust within your business?
  3. How would you say honesty and trust is practiced within your business?
  4. What do your clients say about your business?
  5. Why do your customers do business with you?
  6. What do your current employees family members (partners, children, brothers, sisters +) say about them working in this company?
  7. What are your key values around your employees?
  8. How do you demonstrate your corporate responsibility?
  9. What do your suppliers say about you as a company to do business with?
  10. If I joined your business what are my learning and development opportunities?
  11. How do you continue to ensure I will stay with your Company?
  12. Why do YOU work in this organisation?

The bonus question – would you ask it?

13. Apart from dishonesty how do I get fired from your Company?

Do they measure up to your standards?

Now make your own mind up about this Company, you may spend most of your day working for them!

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