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What you create in your life will either support you or hinder you in what you want to achieve. Like the culture you create and support within your organisation, it can make the Company great or destroy it – everyone has a part to play including you. Why do we lose the child within us when we enter the world of Business?


August 2016
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My Bicycle Saga – Happy Ending!

I had no alternative except to hire a private investigator (PI), who specialised in the detection of grand theft. It is official, my bicycle has been spotted in both Amsterdam and Beijing. The bad news is, it has been melted down, and it is now parts of some mobile phone. Most likely used by some international sales person to peddle their wares.

Getting the news at this point was no shock. It was greatly reduced by the fact that the benefit concert organised by my pal Joe at the Longford Tennis Club was a great success. Even though, Queen, the Rolling Stones and U2 were unable to perform. I am assured fun was had by all on the night. Many thanks to Elvis, for turning up and putting on a great show since his last appearance in 1977.

Funds raised on the night from the usual ticket sales, the donkey raffle, bar takings and the leprechaun hunt were exceptional. After all the expenses were paid off, a bicycle has been purchased along with a lock and antitheft device. They are now on their way to me, via FedEx (See photos).

Thanks to all those who kept their eyes peeled, sent me photos of sighting, and to Joe for organising the successful benefit concert and couriering me over my new bicycle and antitheft lock.

So great news, I will be saving shoe leather and back in the saddle very soon. Again racing through the morning heavy traffic, whistling as I go and ringing the bear bell for all to hear.

Note to the robbing bastard(s), you may have thought you have got away with it, but the PI, Paddy MacCatchim is on your case.Bicycle trapButchers Bike

My Bicycle Saga! 3


Although several false sightings as per photos taken by those of you who are keeping your eyes peeled. I have it on good authority that my bike may have been stolen as part of an international underworld operation based out of Amsterdam and Beijing. Interpol have been engaged in tracking bicycles that have been stolen for the larger bicycle cities and new bike lanes popping up all over Europe.

This has become a lucrative business with thousands of individuals willing to turn away from the busy motorways and seek cycling as their preferred form of socializing and relaxing drug of choice. This underworld organisation is run by cycleopaths who will stop at nothing to tell to you to “get on your bike”.

As I continue to seek the truth and wear out several pairs of shoes walking the streets in the pursuit of justice. I feel I maybe be fighting a losing battle?

My Bicycle Saga! 2

Just over two weeks now and still no sighting of my bicycle. No calls, no ransom notes, not even a Chinese whisper. Local informants have been interviewed and still not one word about my stolen bike. The police have said they could find Lord Lucan quicker. Just in case you have it Lord Lucan please return it and Mums the word as they say.

When I’m out walking, I am looking at every bike that passes me. Could this be mine, resprayed and modified just to hide its real identity. What if its fecked against some dirty old wall or lying up a lane way covered in muck. My red bear bell rusting and the squeak gone from my blow horn. I can only imagine and wish for the best, that it is cycling its way across a beautiful field on its way to a wonderful home (with no small kids).

There have been rumours of a benefit concert to be held to get me a new bike. To confirm these rumours, I phoned U2, the Rolling Stones and Queens managers, they would not confirm or deny. They were only prepared to provide “no comment at this stage.”

I’ll let you know when tickets go on sale.

Note to Bike robbing bastard(s) – Admission Restricted

My Bicycle Saga!

Not even one sighting, a ransom note, or a phone call from the bastard(s).

Yes, it is almost a week now since the fecker(s) stole my bicycle from outside the Train Station (pub).

I am starting to wonder, has my bike cycled away from home?

Has this situation moved from a crime of stealing, to a missing bike scenario?

Should I be placing posters on the lamp posts with a photograph, (even though I don’t actually have any photos of my bike) like if my cat had gone missing (for those of you who may be worried, the cats are fine).

Should I make an appeal on TV, offer a reward?

Has Mels’ bike gone and joined a traveling circus?

Following its dream to be a unicycle on the high wire above the amazed crowd below. Shouting their ohhhhh! and aaaa’s, as the daring act takes place. Or joined a tandem, to form a three-piece band and go on tour in France. Travelling as “The Raleigh Boys”, “The Saddle Bags” or “The Cannondales”– who knows.

Crazy thoughts but still no word.

A week nearly gone since I was cycling with my hair flowing in the wind and a song in the air. Only the sound of heavy traffic all around me and the faint jingle of my little red bear bell, warning any wandering bears nearby to get lost. Back into the wilderness to chew on some berries rather than me.

The mystery goes on – a full week now.

Please keep your eyes peeled, there is always hope, right Bob?

I Want to Ride my Bicycle

I have been asked to post this on my blog website from my Facebook page.


Some fecker(s) stole my bicycle from outside the Train Station (pub) on Thursday night. You may ask what was I doing in a pub on Thursday night, when there was no Euro soccer on TV. Well, it was ½ price wine night.

But that is beside the point – my bicycle was taken by some robbing bastard(s). If the fecker(s) needed it to get to the hospital or some other emergency, that is oaky and they can leave it back including the lock and basket on the front,the bear bell and all other attachment like the wheels, peddles, chain and 7 gears.

Bicycle Detail – Sorry No Picture.

The bike is black in colour with a racing saddle (which I hope saws the bollox off the fecker who stole it). It has a black front basket, a red bear bell and a black “get out of my feckin way” blow horn.

If you see it around, it answers to the name of Mel’s Bike. Please knock the bastard off my bike and return it to its rightful owner; me.

If you do have a spare bike for sale I may be interest.

Keep your eyes peeled.

What I Notice in this World

Not much, for it is the commercialism and control of our minds

I don’t seek or feel I have time for such things

Busy, is the common word to avoid and not notice our world

Running down the path that seems to be never ending and full of wants

What others want of me and not what I need for my soul

Being difference is shouted for, yet not valued but scorned

Taking time to notice is shunned and considered as a waste of time

Yet time is all we got, for we are all under the sentence of death from the day we are born

Patience in our lives, a smile, a hug, a kiss, a wave

Taking that time in our day to just notice and enjoy

As children we played and laughed and played and laughed

Not noticing our growth and our movement into the adult world, of must do’s and can’t do’s

Stop! I shout, for it is me that has the controls and not others

I can decide to take notice and it always starts with me

My soul will live on, only if I feed it with what I notice in this world and cheat the death sentence of my body


Tear drops to feed the earth


The Outside Does Not Work

We are born from the light within to make a difference

Given birth and life to add to our world

Curiosity, creativity, all natural in seeking new ways

Maturity in life, to be better at all things

We meet the light only to be captured by the dark

We leave the dark only to enter back into the light

Seeing for a short time both sides in a balance of life

The darkness grows stronger, by greed, corruption and failing minds

Mankind forever changing the balance

The light struggles to stay light and show a better way

We have choice, we think, yet pressured to surrender to the dark

We have free will to make a difference in our balance

Go within and find your light

For the outside does not work

Never Alone


The Tree

There is a beautiful chestnut tree that stands tall outside my window

Every winter it throws off its former glory of its summer and autumn coats

In winter it is kept warm by the falling snow that settles on its branches

Waiting for the new time, so it can begin again to grow and shelter those who will make their home

Continuous change to meet each season with a new and wonderful colour

As the spring now is about to open its doors, the buds form and slowly wait to burst

The man within looking out is no different and yet fails to recognise the same

Possibilities and opportunities that each day will bring

Worrying about what was, rather than what is now

Embracing the time to show the many coats he can wear as the seasons come and go

The tree does not wait for its death and think of what can be

The tree smiles and greets each new season with joy

So to the mindset of this man can also be



Mel's PictureI received a beautiful gift of a painting especially created for me by Kasia Rachfall. Kasia paints intuitively energy art on canvas.  The painting she created for me is titled PLAY. After a short conversation, Kasia received an imprint of what my painting would look like.  She knew it would contain several components.  If you look closely you can see a train, a boy flying a kite, the sea, a yellow and orange sky and some leaves in the corner.  The train holds a symbol of Yin and Yang which, not having visited by website came to her as she started to paint.  Examine this incredible painting further and look for a compass within the leaves.

So what is the story this paining brings with it for me?

Play is a foundational piece. There is always a lot to do and experience in life.  You have an internal compass that guides you in knowing what direction will bring you your greatest expansion, love and fulfilment in your life.  Play is new and unexpected and gives you a frame of reference for how life can feel full. Every experience holds a grain of play in it because it’s new and unknown. Even the deepest play of your emotions brings with it a richness of experience.  You don’t always feel good but you feel emotion and knowing how to invite love and no expectation into that moment is practicing mastery.

Thank you Audrey for this most beautiful gift and Kasia for your intuitive are work.